Is 30 too Old to Dream?

Have you ever had a dream?

Did you announce it to the world and fearlessly pursue it, or take a more introvert-type, passive route? If you’re like me, you favor the latter approach.

I LOVE writing, a fact that I didn’t even know until I was in my mid-twenties. You will never hear me say, “I was born with a pen in my hand” like many other authors do. I love that some people are born knowing their passion. That simply was not the case for me. Nope. I could hardly read at age 15 (long story), my spelling was atrocious, and I hated speaking to anyone I didn’t know. Just being around people I didn’t know–yeah, that pretty much scared me half to death (we’re talking cold sweats, stumbling over words, and the occasional panic attack.)

Thankfully, God doesn’t leave us the way he finds us. He is constantly working to perfect His goodwill in our lives as we strive for excellence. Regardless of how old or young we are, God always has a plan; thus, freeing us to dream and dream big.

I say all this because I have decided to ignore my introvert-side for half a minute and actively share a little about my dream to be an author. Below are links to my current works in progress (WIP’s.) I hope you enjoy them and thank you for dreaming with me!



Book 1: The Lone Star Beginnings Series

He must reckon with all he sought to escape when she redefines his dreams.



Back Cover Copy

1850: Texas born and bred, Joseph Dannon is as tough as the wild country he loves. Battling the demons of his past, he has found a home at the Quitman Ranch and a dream of starting his own horse ranch. That dream pivots on the procurement of the Andalusian stallion he is saving to purchase.

Ellena Bradbury has always been second-best to her sister, but at last she has found a purpose. Her dream of joining her father’s horse breeding business is coming true. When her family travels to Waco Village, she discovers a horse that could secure her place in her father’s business—a magnificent Spanish Andalusian stallion.

Unknown to the sparring couple, another contender for the horse threatens more than Joseph and Ellena’s dreams, and they find themselves in mortal danger. Joseph is brought to reckon with his past, including loyalty to his family. Amid the struggle to survive and seek justice, a romance sparks. If Ellena discloses the secret behind an attack that nearly ended both their lives, will Joseph still want her? Joseph is torn between his obligations, the fulfillment of his dream, and love for a woman he could never win.

The Cowboy’s Reckoning is approx. 100k words long, and has been through ACFW Scribes 219 and Scribes Story Spinners critique groups. This completed manuscript is available upon request.

About the series:

The Lone Star Beginnings Series is a historical romance series spanning from 1852-1870’s. Each romantic pair struggles to overcome obstacles, yet triumph and experience a Christ-centered love. Books include: The Soldier’s Undoing, The Wrangler’s Redemption, and The Drifter’s Belonging. (Series size up to seven books. Stories 3 & 4 are in the first draft stages of development.)


Cody Boone has always avoided commitment—a flaw that cost him his infant son years ago. When Texas joins the Confederacy, he is faced with two options: turn his back on his beliefs to fight for his home or rebel against his Texan brethren for the sake of Godly justice.

Laurel has traded her dreams of love and motherhood for the title of barren divorcee and the calling of nurse. Having moved to Texas to tend her aunt, she finds herself on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon Line when civil war breaks out. Her uncle prepares to smuggle her out of Texas. He says Boone, a fence-sitting southerner, is the key to her escape.

Rumors of Unionists in Texas soar, bringing hate and hysteria to a crest. When disaster strikes, Boone is the only one who can protect Laurel. Betrayed by his closest friend and country, Boone is forced to choose a side—one that makes him an enemy to all and hero to Laurel…if he can in fact rescue her. But Laurel has her own secret, one that could cost them both their lives if they’re caught by Confederate troops.


When Cayce Dannon’s best friend is killed, he considers marrying the man’s grieving fiancée to provide a mother for his own illegitimate son. A union that wouldn’t be so bad if Marie Hanley wasn’t such a saint and the woman he always wanted. If she said yes, it would be for love of the boy, not the man who never measured up.

Orphaned at a young age and robbed of her fiancé weeks before her wedding, Marie has known her share of heartache. When she earns the interest of a shady cowboy, who has a knack for finding her when she’s alone, Marie finds a champion in the bad-boy wrangler Cayce. She learns to make a family with him and the baby boy she dearly loves.

Life is good, even blissful until the worry of running a ranch, mysterious accidents with the horses, and threat of Indian attack wear on Cayce and he returns to his old way of coping—drinking alcohol. Can Cayce discover who’s trying to sabotage his ranch before the herd is gone? Marie has a secret of her own, one that would be beautiful if not for Cayce’s betrayal.


Addalie (Adda) Larenz loved a man once, and it cost her more than her heart when the conman sold her to a brothel at the age of fifteen. Home at last, and carrying the evidence of her sins, she simply wants to bear a healthy child and not be completely excluded from society. But being healthy in mind and body has its challenges, especially when the horror of those years follows her.

After the war between the states, Cody Laindon drifted from town to town working at ranches and keeping an eye out for the father he never knew. When the chance to save a family from losing their land to a greedy cattle baron arises, Cody trades in his spurs for a plow and marries a woman he hardly knows. To make matters worse, his adversary has a strange interest in Ada.

Battling a man known to ride up on a sodbuster with 40 armed men, Cody must pull together all his resources, including his new in-laws—three feisty German ladies—and his new wife to hold onto the land. Can Adda and Cody learn from their past, without losing their tiny chance at happiness and still save the land?

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4 thoughts on “Is 30 too Old to Dream?

  1. Monty

    I think it’s amazing that you took a weakness and with God have made it a passion. Funny the way He works. I’m looking forward to seeing your awesome works published and I’m not a “reader” of fiction. Still, I’m always wanting to continue on when you ask me to proof something. You are an inspiration.


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